Schipfe 2/8, Zurich
Tuesday - Saturday : 9am - 5pm
Monday and Sunday : closed
+41(442) 219 338

The cafe is located in ‘Schipfe” one of the most exclusive areas of Zurich, where the Roman civilisation began. "Schipfe" is one of the oldest quarters in the city of Zurich and runs below Lindenhof medieval fort. The name originates from the nautical term "schupfen" (push) used by the fishermen to describe how they pushed their boats to and from the riverbank. During the Middle Ages the Schipfe was the transfer point for essential merchandise, and from the 16th century became the headquarters of the silk industry, and the location of bathhouses and boatbuilding.

Now it has become the Headquarters of international artist Conor Mccreedy, where the first cafe has been established on the ground floor of the atelier and studio. It’s like walking into a museum when you enter the cafe inspired by the life of the artist and founder, filled with inspiration from his Southern African roots growing up with wild safaris in Botswana and flawless white beaches along the great blue Atlantic Ocean.


Even today, the Schipfe remains a street of artisans, where craftspeople take the necessary time for their customers, providing expert advice and suggestions.


Quality and custom-made products are available in the small, romantic shops and workshops along the Limmat River. 


Schipfe is an idyllic location to linger, browse and enjoy some great coffee at THE CAFE.