MCCREEDYWORLD is the ecosystem for luxury collaborations inspired by the original paintings of South African born artist Conor Mccreedy.

Transported by his art and distinguished by innovative, artisan spirited products. Injected with powerful cultural influences, Mccreedy products are fast becoming the most sought-after by the savviest influencers, celebrities and trend setters worldwide.

(c) Alexandra Pauli

Creating a complete artistic luxury lifestyle for its customers. Seeing itself more as a culture and global art movement not just a brand.

Each of our collbarations represent an experience rather than just a product. Mccreedyworld offers a collection that includes fashion, footwear, lifestyle, sport, beauty, homeware, and culinary. Combining a refined and modern style with a feeling of adventure and experience all supported by the strong Southern African inspiration paired with Swiss craftsmanship and engineering tradition.

From the beginning Mccreedy has always been about showcasing imagery through a visual language projecting a world that Mccreedy wants to create. Our collections combine traditional craftsmanship with a cool, contemporary sensibility. Our communication strategy is very contemporary and driven by highly selective placement of our products in venues that share the brand's philosophy. Partnering with exclusive art and fashion destinations around the globe. The brand has its flagship store in Zurich, Switzerland.



Visit our flagship store in Zurich.